Lesson Details

  • Acoustic, electric, bass guitar and mandolin tuition in  rock, blues, acoustic, folk and classical.

For a beginner the first thing is to build a knowledge of chords, strumming styles, and the ability to play chord progressions fluently.  With that general ability, we can then begin to apply that knowledge to the music of his or her own choice. 
Intermediates can do all the basic stuff (though we can if necessary firm up the essentials) but need help to develop more complicated skills and details. I provide a structure to allow that next step to come to fruition.

need focused attention on certain areas of their playing. Like a golf pro, it always helps to have a troubleshooter to clear any blocks to your progression.
  • Skype lessons available

    I'm now teaching over the internet to a variety of students throughout the UK. Skype is the next best thing to a one-to-one lesson, and a great solution to the time restrictions in our busy lives. If you need help with setting up Skype please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • Recording facilities for teaching

    It really helps to listen yourself so that you can hear how you are doing. A frustrating session can bolster your determination just as much as a good session. This is a handy mirror to help you track your progress and build your confidence, whether it's with an aim to performing or simply to enjoy playing well at home.
Please contact me for more details and to organise a trial lesson.



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